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Certificate in CG Instructor

Certificate in CG Instructor

This course is suitable for educational institutions or studios that need to train students or staff.

The training of CG instructors focuses on enhancing their existing knowledge and further honing their personal skills. Participants are able to learn about changes or the latest developments in their field through hands-on training under the guidance of experts. In addition, they are able to experiment with various educational methods with others and explore their own educational style.

Training for instructors is important because they are an important force in the development of the profession. Only when there are good teachers can there be good students and the industry can grow further.

This program is designed to train students to become excellent CG instructors to enter the digital content creation industry. Upon completion, students will have the knowledge, skills and tools to meet the challenges of digital content production and creation.

Course Outline:
1. Pedagogy fundamentals: Understand educational theories and modern advanced educational techniques

2. CG industry overview and norms: Understand the history of the CG industry and current trends

3. CG production: Understand the production process of CG projects, the standard procedures of each step, and the responsibilities of each involved role

4. CG production techniques: Refine CG-related techniques, including modeling, sculpting, mapping, etc.

5. Organization and project management: Understand the key factors and know-how in organization and management

(To build up Hong Kong’s CG Production industry, this program is designed to prepare students to be a well-quipped CG instructor for entering the digital content creation industry. Upon graduation, students will be equipped with knowledge, skills and tools to face the challenges of digital content production and creation.

5 design principles are listed below.
Principle 1: Realistic introduction to the animation and game industry and related technology
Candidates often have an inaccurate impression of the game industry; it is vital for correct expectations to be set through training. In addition, showing highlights of the digital entertainment industry can instill enthusiasm in our students.

Principle 2: Lay the groundwork in basic technical skills
The program must provide comprehensive and meaningful training in the basic technical skills required for a competent CG animator or game artist. This includes foundational modules in design concepts, game systems, and animation theory.

Principle 3: Promote teamwork and collaboration among CG artists
We encourage close interaction between CG artists. This reflects the actual working conditions in game and animation studios, where CG artists often need to communicate in order to share knowledge, technical requirements and concerns.

Principle 4: Expose students to open source tools, technology and industry practices
As opposed to typical paid software, open-source tools, applications and techniques for the animation and game industry will be taught in the course, and they are free for students to have forever.

Principle 5: Balanced education between theoretical training and practical work
The education concept demands a strong emphasis on practical work and training. The comprehensive theoretical training provided would be reinforced through practice in lecture, assignments and laboratory work.

The syllabus is as follows:
1. Understanding the organization’s aims and objectives
2. Assessing/analyzing training needs
3. Maintaining a collaborative working environment
4. Defining the goals and objectives of the learning development program (Training strategy design)
5. Implementation of the training strategy
6. Evaluating the quality and effectiveness of the training)



Learning Outcomes

1. Further improve the mastery of professional knowledge
2. Gain further understanding of industry ecology
3. Be able to build a personalized teaching method
4. Acquire tools for lifelong benefit


我們專有的網上學習平台,並與免費的創意和生產工具無縫協作,為 DECT 教育即時提供作業和學習材料管理、遠端協作、分析等功能,滿足不同使用者的學術及管理需求。


培訓專業教師計劃是維持數譜生態系統的基石。這是一個可擴展的專業發展模式,當中全面的 DECT 內容和學習管理系統可分別為教師提供相關支持。


學生展才計劃為學生提供在全球數字經濟中不可或缺的知識、技能和工具, 有助學生掌握在未來世界中出類拔萃的生存技能,脫穎而出。


Krystal OTP 包含所有辦公室軟件,有效提升日常工作效率和減輕營運成本,為當今多元化 的業務營運需求提供了完善解決方案。 


一項綜合計劃,旨在為個人 和公⺠提供必要的數字能力和軟技能,以便在數字經濟中生存。為了在數字時代保持競爭力和繁榮,各國需要為其公⺠提供必要的知識、技能和工具。

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