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Train-the-Trainer Program

Provide DECT Professional TTT

Training and Support for Teachers


Program Objectives 

Train-the-trainer Program is the cornerstone for maintaining Krystal’s ecosystem of programs. It is a scalable professional development model through which our comprehensive DECT contents and learning management system provide support to teachers.


Our objective is to create a lifetime partnership with our users and students. We believe that knowledge, skills and tools are necessary for our users to survive and thrive in today’s digital economy.  By keeping our curriculum relevant, forward-looking, multidisciplinary, and supported with research and continuous development, we give our users the required survival and digital skills needed to succeed and excel in the global digital economy. 

Program Features

•  Provide a goal-oriented education — Project-Based Learning

•  Stimulate collaboration and communication, not competition

•  To establish bond, trust and care between teachers and students

•  Provide continuous research and development to keep learning materials up-to-date and relevant

Advantages of our Train-the-Trainer Program

  • Our learning management system provides support for DECT education and seamless teaching.

  • Includes teaching guides, slides,  syllabi, classroom activity materials, assignments, assessments and so on


  • Our DECT courses are designed to align with the Education Bureau's teaching guidelines and promote the use of digital technology to enhance existing teaching content

  • Empower students with creative and production tools that they can use throughout their education and careers, so that they are able to accomplish creative tasks in real-life scenarios

TTT Process 



(Targets of training)


Teachers trained in our DECT curriculum will be able to utilize the digital tools and integrate them into daily teaching.



Students will be well-equipped with knowledge, skills and tools learnt from our DECT curricula, and be well-prepared to adapt to future changes in the digital economy.



Once teachers and students complete  DECT courses, they will receive certification and become part of the Krystal Community.


Krystal Institute

We offer a customized “TTT” Program to support teachers using our DECT curricula, helping them upgrade their skills and improve their knowledge.

Our Pilot Partners

We successfully launched our pilot curricula and teacher training programs at several organizations and schools, integrating digital tools into daily teaching and learning. Teachers and students who participated gave positive feedback, saying they were able to learn new knowledge, skills and tools.


Hong Kong Taoist Association Shun Yeung Primary School


Hong Kong Taoist Association Wun Tsuen School


HKTA The Yuen Yuen Institute No.3 Secondary School


CityU School of Continuing and Professional Education


our proprietary cloud-based learning platform. It is designed to work seamlessly with free creative and development tools in providing support for DECT education.


Provide DECT Professional TTT Training and Support for Teachers


Krystal’s Student Empowerment Programme (SEP) provides students the knowledge, skills and tools necessary to survive in the global digital economy, preparing them for excellence in their future careers.


Krystal OTP includes all the office tools needed to keep daily office tasks running efficiently and economically.


is a comprehensive program designed to equip individuals and citizens with essential digital competencies and soft skills to thrive in the digital economy.

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