Other Learning Experiences

Students today are under-equipped to work in the digital economy. Knowledge and skills taught in traditional curricula are insufficient, and purchasing professional tools is a financial burden.

DECT OLE Workshops

Working with world-class industry professionals and software developers, CityU SCOPE and Krystal Institute brings employable skills and free, open-source software to the classroom. Our students pick up tangible skills from a diverse range of DECT OLE Workshops that are project-based and experiential. Site visits with our industry partners expose students to the applications of DECT in professional settings.

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Digital Arts and Production

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Science and Engineering

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Digital Literacy

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DECT Studies

DECT Global Series curriculum

We offer a great variety of content under the themes of Digital Arts and Production, Science and Engineering, Digital Literacy, and DECT Studies. Graduates from our courses receive certification under our DECT Global Series curriculum, which is recognized by our industry and academic networks in the Greater Bay Area.