Our Programs

From K to 12 plus.

We deliver education for different age groups and experience levels

to create a journey towards technological proficiency

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DECT Master Program (MP) 

For technology specialists

An intensive program led by world experts designed for corporate training and individuals who want to be top in their fields.

DECT Professional Program (PP)

For working professionals

An up-skilling program for people who are employed in the digital economy and would like to gain expertise to increase competitiveness.

DECT Career Program (CP)

For career starters

A re-skilling program for people not currently employed in the digital economy but wish to enter into the sector.

DECT Educational Program (EP)

For K-12 and Higher Education

A K-12 and Higher Education curriculum designed around the needs of the Industry 4.0 labor market. In Hong Kong, our EP program covers the Applied Learning Program (ApL) and Other Learning Experiences (OLE) of the local curriculum. The learning experience in the DECT Educational Program is divided into four categories: Digital Arts and Production, Science and Engineering, Digital Literacy and DECT Studies.

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Key Design Strategies


Enables students to find meaning in learning through active thinking and social interaction


Integrates content with real-world applications, via project-based and inquiry-based learning


Synthesizes technology with specific subject knowledge


Knowledge and skills acquired from the program will help the students pursue higher education or make a living in the digital economy


Supports problem-solving enabling students to understand how computers solve problems


DECT Training Methods

  • Personalized and self-paced learning

  • Accessible and inclusive learning

  • Project-based, goal-oriented learning

  • Collaborative learning

  • Lifelong and student-driven learning

  • Learning based on trust and care between the teacher and the students

  • Inspirational learning instead of rote learning and instruction


DECT Program Outcomes

  • Employability and upward mobility

  • Global citizenship understanding & skills

  • Innovation and creativity skills

  • Design thinking skills

  • Technical skills and real-world applications

  • Interpersonal skills

  • Critical problem-solving skills

  • Computational thinking