Our History

Our historical milestones across Hong Kong, China, and Singapore

1996 ~

CG Lab in Nanyang Technological University

Worked with Germany’s Fraunhofer IGD Dr. José Luis Encarnação and Dr. Hock Soon Seah to help secure funding from the Singapore government


1998 ~

First CG animation production in Hong Kong

Created CDMT, with Hong Kong City University, to nurture local computer graphics talents

1998 Time.png

2000 ~

China’s first professional CG training institute

Worked with Shenzhen University to establish the Institute of Digital Media Technology

2000 Time.png

2000 ~

China’s first
CG feature film

Produced Thru the Moebius Strip, establishing China’s computer graphics animation industry

Thru the Moebius Strip (2006 film).jpg

2006 ~

Master’s Course at Nanyang Technological University

Received funding from MDA and WDA in Singapore to start a scholarship program for Games Research and Development, to train Technical Artists and Advanced Games Programmers

2006 time.png