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Stepping into the Metaverse

The rise of the metaverse represents a change in the way humans communicate and interact with each other. The metaverse is becoming increasingly popular and its technology stack is beginning to mature; while the gaming and entertainment industries are seen as major beneficiaries of the metaverse's development, for businesses the metaverse offers additional benefits beyond the communication technology that is so important in the new epidemic era. The Hong Kong Trade Development Council points out that participants in the traditional economy can enhance security through blockchain technology; conduct corporate marketing through virtual space; trade assets through the metaverse platform; and use the metaverse as an extension of social media to give users an "immersive" virtual social experience.

Why should I learn metaverse technology?

The metaverse is another new frontier for the creative industry. Practitioners will be challenged to adapt and create as they build virtual worlds, design digital avatars, create and deploy NFTs, and develop blockchains and smart contracts. The metaverse is a cross-disciplinary technological field, and its development involves the synthesis of many existing creative technologies, including computer graphics, 3D modeling, video editing and compositing, special effects and pre-visualization of films, 2D animation, professional 3D animation, etc.

Why should I learn metaverse technology?

Our courses provide students with the practical knowledge, latest technologies and open source tools needed to pursue a career in network engineering and to stay competitive in the digital economy and IT industry. 1. Learn programming from scratch: Programming languages related to web development - Python, JavaScript, etc. - are easier to get started with compared to other languages, and they have a massive user base worldwide, making it easy for students to find additional resources to aid their learning 2. Job prospects are promising: as a newly developed field, there are many jobs related to the metaverse and there is a shortage of talents. The number of jobs such as metaverse research scientists, metaverse ecosystem developers, and metaverse cybersecurity experts is constantly on the rise. 3. Versatile applications: Whether in advertising, culture, product design, architecture or other scenarios, metaverse technology can be applied 4. Adding an additional source of income: Digital creativity talents continue to be in demand on local and overseas outsourcing platforms, which offer project-based contracts that are suitable for flexible deployment, making them the first choice for "slashers"

Latest Developments

• The metaverse market contains significant untapped revenue potential for businesses, with a potential impact on Asia's GDP estimated at US$0.8T - 1.4T per year by 2035, representing approximately 1.3 - 2.4% of overall GDP1 • In 2022, more than 30 provincial and municipal authorities in China have set out their policy agendas related to the development of the metaverse, or have sought advice on the development of the metaverse • In the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, the Guangzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone provides up to RMB 5 million to companies investing in metaverse technologies in the region to fund the development of digital twins, human-machine interaction and AR/VR/MR technologies


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