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3D Animation - Creativity Boot Camp - Enhanced Chapter (II)

Activate creative innovation ✦ Unlock unlimited worlds

Curriculum Characteristic

  • ・Personalized mentorship - Trained Teaching Assistants will provide help in each learning step

  • VOD learning resources - Students can rewatch training video for practice after class

  • Community platform – Enquire class related content from the comfort of your own home

  • Free, open-source software - No hidden fees for software subscriptions to aid further learning at-home

  • Award-winning software tools Blender - Blender is used by professionals to produce films receiving renowned accolades

  • Studio-grade equipment - Our classrooms are equipped with top-tier computers and displays

  • Personal portfolio building - Students will create their own personal artwork during the course

  • Eligible for professional certification - Our course content is recognized by Singapore's national standards


Who is this course for?

★Students aged 7-15, encountering 3D space for the first time


★Students who have completed the Beginner Chapter (I) looking to master the next level of 3D modeling techniques

Course Outline II

  • Progressive learning from Beginner Chapter (I)


Learn accurate numerical methods in 3D modeling


Gain familiarity with timeline and keyframes for animation production


Understand rendering techniques for exporting images and video


Create an island model (terrain, rainbow, forest, sky)

3D Blender Ingenuity Bootcamp Intermediate

Regular Course

Every  SAT  14:00-16:00 

Additional information

*Students need to have an email account for registration on the Krystal Education Platform

*Student outcomes can be taken home (Please prepare ≥4GB USB, or download from the Krystal Educational Platform)

*Group bookings are welcome. For enquiries, please contact us at 2111 1097


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