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Greater Bay Area


Fostering Growth in the Greater Bay Area(GBA)

Fostering Growth in the Greater Bay Area(GBA) We partner with leading open-source software developers and public agencies in the Greater Bay Area to deliver our educational offering.

Opportunities in the GBA

The Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area has a high degree of economic openness and vitality and is expected to become a new growth pillar in the PRC economy. Hong Kong and Macau are well-placed for international exchange, and Guangdong is a pioneer of reform and openness. Our ambition is to establish a unique professional and educational platform fitting all industries and across supply chains, serving the digital economy in our home region, allowing the Greater Bay Area to lead the world in technological advancement.

Our contributions to the GBA

Stellar digital education, Technological autonomy and Widespread employment in the Greater Bay Area

Stellar Digital Education

Designing a proprietary digital skills program for students of all ages and background

  1. Provide technology and tools to break the vicious cycle of relying on monopolized software

  2. Develope a progressive education regime in the Area

  3. Extend digital economy training to people of different background

  4. Create high value-added vacancies for the future labor force in the millions

  5. Improve living standards of millions of people through a digital take of the One Belt One Road initiative

Technological Autonomy

Create open-source alternatives to essential digital content creation and production tools

  1. \Accelerate the Area’s transition into Industry 4.0 via technology, tools, education, and training

  2. Deliver a one-stop solution for enterprises in digital transformation

  3. Standardize the creative production process via our certification system

  4. Bridge geographical and natural limits (safety, health, weather issues) through our cloud-based virtual workplace

  5. Overcome technological risks (eg. MATLAB being sanctioned at several PRC universities)

Widespread Employment

Ensure curriculum relevance through close industry partnerships

  1. Improve human capital via (re-)training, technical support, and R&D

  2. Create high-quality employment opportunities in the Greater Bay Area

  3. Match suppliers and customers in digital projects

Our Collaborators


our proprietary cloud-based learning platform. It is designed to work seamlessly with free creative and development tools in providing support for DECT education.


Provide DECT Professional TTT Training and Support for Teachers


Krystal’s Student Empowerment Programme (SEP) provides students the knowledge, skills and tools necessary to survive in the global digital economy, preparing them for excellence in their future careers.


Krystal OTP includes all the office tools needed to keep daily office tasks running efficiently and economically.


is a comprehensive program designed to equip individuals and citizens with essential digital competencies and soft skills to thrive in the digital economy.

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