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About Us

Krystal Institute is a research institution that aims to empower the people,

provide upward mobility, and bridge the global digital divide.

We provide the public with knowledge essential to excel in the digital economy.

We empower students by nurturing creativity and providing open-source technology

which capacitate them to capitalize on conceptual knowledge.

We strive to become the enabling force behind the 4th Industrial Revolution.

DECT Global Series

The Digital Economy Core Technology (DECT) Global Series spans across the fields of artistic creation, economics, science, technology & research, and combines vital and indispensable knowledge, skills and tools in the digital economy to propel the digitization and digital industrialization of traditional industries, thereby driving the development of the digital economy. DECT Global Series provides foundational knowledge, skills, and tools which are essential for any student to be a productive digital citizen. We train educators with resources and expertise to nurture their students for employment in the digital economy. Our research and curriculum are offered via our proprietary learning management system, the Krystal Educational Platform.

Constantly Evolving

DECT will constantly evolve, always containing the fundamental technologies that are or will be making the greatest impact. In the realm of software: blockchain, data analytics, artificial intelligence, Fintech, Biotech, computer-aided design and the Metaworld, have already transformed the financial, medical, manufacturing and the entertainment industries.

What is DECT?

Propagated by smartphones, drones, and Big Data, the arrival of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (or Industry 4.0) has led to the creation of a new digital economy underpinned by new technologies and skillsets. Working together with global leading open sources software developers, educators, and industry practitioners, Krystal Institute has defined DECT: core technologies and innovative fields that serve as the common denominator of progress in the digital economy. DECT can be divided under the themes of Digital Arts and Production, Science and Engineering, Digital Literacy, and DECT Studies.

Excel in the Digital Economy

In terms of hardware: the internet of things, robotics, additive manufacturing, next-generation wireless technologies, 3D printing, and cloud computing have been coupled together to create complex autonomous systems. Meanwhile, user-oriented technologies such as Metaworld, virtual reality, gamification, and user experience (UI/UX) design draw biological beings ever closer together through the binary world. Pragmatic educators should deliver education that aligns with the scope of DECT, nurturing learners who will grow to excel in the digital economy.

Our Leadership

Our founders have involved in the training of digital artists since 1998 for City University of Hong Kong’s SPACE Program.


In 2000, our founder founded Institute for Digital Technology (IDMT) with Shenzhen University.


In 2006, our founders set up the Institute of Digital Game Technology, which operated a Master Program for Advanced Game Platform at the Nanyang Technological University (NTU) and Shenzhen University.


Within NTU, our founders established the Institute of Media Innovation (IMI), placing Singapore at the forefront of the global interactive digital media revolution.


In China, our founders trained over 6,000 digital artists.


Raymond D.Neoh

Raymond is a pioneer in China and Singapore’s creative industries.


1 Hour 3D Animation Experience


3D Animation – Creativity Winter Camp 


3D Blender Ingenuity Bootcamp Foundation


3D Blender Ingenuity Bootcamp Intermediate


3D Blender Ingenuity Bootcamp Advanced


 Other Learning Experiences

RTTP From Maya and 3ds Max to Blender


DECT Training Program

Advanced Game Programming

Image by Nassim Allia

Technical Artist for Game Development

Certificate in Creative Digital Media Design


Python Web Framework Development


Certificate in Frontend Web Developer

Python Digital Media Tools Development


Certificate in Backend Web Developer


Certificate in Metaverse Development Assistant


Practical Applications Of Digital Image Processing


Practical Applications Of Computer Graphics

Practical Applications Of 3D Software


Practical Applications Of UX/UI


Practical Applications Of 3D Printing

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