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Certificate in Metaverse
Development Assistant


Program Objective

To provide students with an understanding of the metaverse technology pallet development process through the use of web, blockchain, and multimedia technologies, and to master the related tools, so that they can eventually work in metaverse development or related jobs.

The course focuses on concrete practices, which would equip students with immediate employability.

The course utilizes cutting-edge technologies and open source tools to teach practical knowledge that will enable students to gain fundamental, cross-disciplinary knowledge of metaverse technology and acquire the skills needed for metaverse development in the shortest possible time, so that they can be highly competitive in related industries and the digital economy. For more information on trends in the digital economy, please visit


Meta-universe is an advanced Internet technology framework that seeks to replace the current Internet dichotomy between reality and virtuality with a fusion of the virtual and the real, to connect users more closely and provide them with immersive interactive experiences in a 3D environment. As a deeper copy of the world in virtual space, metaverse can provide users with a smoother and more amazing experience than the physical world, allowing them to be more engaged and efficient in their work and life. At present, metaverse is still in its infancy, and many technical problems are yet to be solved. So if you join the related industry at this time, you will be able to have fun and find a foothold in the digital economy faster.

What is the metaverse?


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