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What is graphic design? 8 common types to get you started!

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

When it comes to the term “graphic design”, you might think of pretty posters and eye-catching illustrations. However, while those are indeed the specialties of graphic designers, their creative scope is not so limited. In fact, many creative, problem-solving ideas and products can be included in the designs that graphic designers create. The following list of 8 common categories may help you understand more about graphic design!

  1. Advertising design

Advertising design is essential for marketing. These graphic designers create visually engaging content to make company products attractive to consumers.

Examples of advertising design:

  • Newspaper and magazine advertisements

  • Social media graphics

  • Digital advertisements

  1. Publication design

Publication design has traditionally been used in print media, such as books, magazines and catalogs. With the rise of digital publishing, publication design also covers digital media like ebooks and online newspapers.

Examples of publication design:

  • Books

  • Newsletters

  • Annual reports

  1. Environmental design

Environmental graphic design serves to make spaces more memorable, interesting, informative and navigable for visitors. This multidisciplinary field of design requires a solid understanding and experience of both graphic design and architecture.

Examples of environmental graphic design:

  • Signage

  • Office Branding

  • Exhibitions

  1. Corporate design

Corporate design is used to establish a visual brand identity, which affects how consumers perceive a company’s personality, tone and values. As consumers respond to recognizable visual media, designers should follow a corporate design guideline to ensure the brand is consistent on all products.

Examples of corporate design:

  • Logo design

  • Business cards

  • Business stationery

  1. Web/UI design

UI refers to User Interface, which affects how users interact with hardware devices or software applications. UI design is closely tied with user experience (UX). A good UI design entails an interface that is both visually appealing and easy to use.

Examples of web/UI design:

  • Web page design

  • App design

  • Game interface design

  1. Packaging design

Packaging design should not only make the product attractive to consumers, but also create enough visual impact so that the product stands out.

Examples of packaging design:

  • Food boxes

  • Wrapping paper

  • Labels

  1. Motion design

Motion design is a relatively new subcategory whose popularity rose alongside the dawning of the digital age. Like the name “motion design” suggests, designers handle digital graphics and animate them.

Examples of motion design:

  • GIFs

  • Video games

  • Internet banners

  1. Information design

The main goal of information design is to present information in a clear and succinct manner to the audience. Aesthetics are secondary in importance for this subcategory of graphic design.

Examples of information design:

  • Infographics

  • Brochures

  • Restaurant menus

Pursuing a career in graphic design

Now that you have a better understanding of the specializations and applications of graphic design, if you realize this career speaks to you, don’t hesitate to hone your skills and increase your employability. If you don’t know where to look, Krystal Institute offers a beginner course to kick-start your career:

The world of graphic design is ever-growing and ever-developing, especially in this digital age. With new technology and software comes new trends and new design applications. Hence, it is always important to keep learning and let your designs evolve together with you.

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