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Centre for Perceptual and Interactive Intelligence and CG Global Entertainment Limited Sign MOU to Enhance Synergy Between Artificial Intelligence and Creative Multimedia

[Hong Kong, 26 June 2024] – The Centre for Perceptual and Interactive Intelligence (CPII), signed a two-year Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with CG Global Entertainment Limited (CGGE) to collaborate on integrating artificial intelligence into the digital media industry. This partnership marks a significant step towards advancing research into practical, real-world applications.

The agreement was signed by Professor Helen Meng, Director of CPII, and Mr Raymond Neoh, Founder and Director of CGGE. The signing was witnessed by Dr Anthony Neoh, QC, SC, JP, and Professor Yeung Yam, Principal Investigator of CPII.

Professor Meng expressed enthusiasm about the partnership: “This MOU represents a significant milestone for both CPII and CGGE. By combining our strengths in artificial intelligence and creative media, we are poised to drive innovation and achieve remarkable outcomes that will benefit the industry and the broader community.”

Mr. Raymond Neoh added, 'It is exciting for CGGE to embark on this collaborative journey with CPII. This collaboration will open up new avenues for growth and development, supporting CGGE in tackling new challenges and seizing new opportunities in the digital economy.”

The CPII-CGGE partnership paves the way for revolutionary advancements in AI for the digital media industry, striving to elevate media production to unprecedented levels.

For more information about CPII, please visit

Contact information:Email: contact@cpii.hkPhone: +852 3692 6600

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