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Blender Conference 2022 Held Successfully In Amsterdam

The Blender Conference of 2022 has wrapped up successfully on October 29, leaving attendees buzzing with excitement over the newest developments, projects and collaboration opportunities.

The doors of Felix Meritis opened on October 27, where over 700 Blender enthusiasts from across the globe shared their latest developments in over 90 talks, live podcasts, several community meetings and informal hangouts in the span of 3 days.

All talks were uploaded onto the official Blender YouTube channel within an hour of their presentations, so that the rest of the Blender community that couldn’t make it to the conference in person could also enjoy it. Among the various topics presented, some highlights of this year included geometry nodes, applications of the Grease Pencil tool, and how Blender has contributed to the architectural and animation fields.

As per tradition, the Suzanne Awards were also held during this year’s conference to commend the best Blender animation projects made by the community. This year, the ‘Best Short’ award goes to La Vida de una Piñata, ‘Best Animation’ to KITTEH KITTEH Fatal Danger, and ‘Best Design’ to Fértil.

Blender is all about its community. As the first, long-awaited physical conference since 2019, several meet-ups for different Blender communities and interest groups were organized for attendees to mingle and make fruitful discussions about Blender. Like in previous years, there was also a photo booth for attendees to commemorate the occasion. For those who have not been able to reunite with friends in the last few years because of COVID, this aspect of the conference is probably why tickets to the conference were sold out very quickly.

As the leading advocate for Blender education in China, representatives from Krystal Institute also participated in this year’s conference, where we had enlightening exchanges with education bodies from other countries about promoting Blender education in one of the meeting events.

The annual Blender Conference embodies the whole vision of Blender - sharing the means to creation with the people. It is a festival that celebrates the fruits of the year’s labor and the community that selflessly pushes for technical empowerment worldwide. And like all unforgettable festivals, we eagerly await the one next year.

Krystal Institute specializes in promoting digital skills and educating the public about open source software. For more information about open source software, visit ourFacebook andInstagram, orcontact us directly.

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