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Working with Blender Compositor

Working with Blender Compositor

This course will teach students how to use the compositor in Blender.

The compositor refers to Blender's nodal compositing system. Students will learn how to use the compositor to make color adjustments and how to use layers, masks, and encrypted mattes to limit the range of adjustments and effects to make changes to specific areas of a scene.

Students will also learn how to use Render Passes, how to create effects like fog, depth of field and vignetting, and how to use lighting groups, which give users independent control over the intensity and color of each group of lights in a scene.



Learning Outcomes

1. Familiarity with the interface of compositor in Blender
2. Master using the compositor to make color adjustments, create fogs and vignettes, etc.
3. Be able to adjust and render images independently using the Blender compositor


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