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VR and AR

VR and AR

VR (Virtual Reality) and AR (Augmented Reality) are frontier interactive technologies that facilitate human-machine interaction. In this course, students build VR and AR environments using ingredients of their own design, projecting virtual elements in the real world and vice versa. The session ends with a discussion on the limits and potential of this technological field.



Learning Outcomes

- Foundation on the sensing, imaging, and processing technologies enabling reality modification
- Virtualizing Reality: Students explore virtual environments and critically assess the strengths and limitations of remote collaboration using VR
- Augmenting Reality: Students sketch and digitize hand-drawn designs before uploading and mapping virtual elements; using smart-phones or otherwise, students then project their designs onto the real world
- Which is Which?: Explore the boundary between virtual and real with emerging Mixed Reality (MR) and Cross Reality (XR) technologies through case studies


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