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Video Editing

Video Editing

Given the ubiquity, diversity, and complexity of today’s videos and soundscapes, the demand for video editing skills is ever-rising. Through this course, students will become acquainted with professional video editing software, applying workflow best practices to tackle a video project with diverse media inputs. By the end of the course, students will be armed with a flexible toolkit that they can use in both personal and professional capacities.



Learning Outcomes

- The Gold Standard: Students will learn how good videos communicate messages to their viewers, drawing on case studies from popular culture
- Surveying the Materials: Students will storyboard a video using provided media inputs, then learn to prepare an effective workspace and media pool in Kdenlive
- Laying Bricks: Learn techniques in organizing the video editing workflow, and apply essential functions such as clipping, transitions, and effects
- The Grand Reveal: Student’s products will be peer-reviewed, to appreciate the diversity of editing styles and practices


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