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Tech Expedition: Exploring Robot Design and Coding

Tech Expedition: Exploring Robot Design and Coding

Robots are at the interface between the binary and physical world. This entirely hands-on course introduces the hardware and software components of robots, allowing students to design and implement a robotics solution. Students will use popular open-source robotics hardware, such as the Arduino development board or Raspberry Pi, to build their robots. 



Learning Outcomes

- Physics for Robots: Understand the basic principles of motion for robotics application and apply basic circuit components
- Talking with Robots: Program and control robotic systems using high-level or drag-and-drop programming languages
- It’s Alive!: Applying knowledge in robotics hardware and software, design and implement a navigation solution in robots while troubleshooting in teams
- Everyone can be an Engineer: Review and stylize the robotic design process used during the above project


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