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Real Time Project Management

Real Time Project Management

While Agile methodologies have been widely accepted in software development, traditional production pipelines remain valuable in certain applications. This course encourages students to appreciate the importance of choosing an appropriate project management strategy, through a live simulation game. Students will be using Krystal Institute’s proprietary platform to implement the different management techniques introduced.



Learning Outcomes

- The Old Reliable: Students appreciate the strengths of the traditional waterfall pipeline through case studies, particularly in computer graphics film production
- Downfall of the Waterfall: Students are introduced to key Agile themes
- Agile in Action: Students take a deeper look at one chosen Agile framework through sharing by industry professionals, including Scrum, Kanban, and Extreme Programming
- Right Tool for the Job: Students will be introduced to numerous digital tools and will apply them in a simulation game; in teams, students will critically evaluate their chosen tools using KPIs, and present findings to the class


our proprietary cloud-based learning platform. It is designed to work seamlessly with free creative and development tools in providing support for DECT education.


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