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Python Web Framework Development

Python Web Framework Development

Using Python as a tool, students who take this course will get a chance to learn the development workflow of web application framework development created by Django, Flask, and so on. The course will help students join Python web development or related work by equipping them with the skills and process tools to develop back-end web applications.

The course provides students with the practical knowledge, cutting-edge techniques, and the open-source tools necessary for web applications development-related jobs, which can pave their ways to throw themselves into the digital economy and IT industry, maintaining their employment competitiveness.

Nowadays, many web application servers are built with Python, such as Blender Studio. Countless web frameworks offering free or paid solutions, active online communities, rich repositories, etc. use Django and Flask, which are also built with Python. This makes it easier to get started with web development. Learning more about Python's open source libraries will equip students with skills to stand out in the industry.

Web Framework Development and Python
Python is a powerful programming language with vast capabilities. Thanks to its clear and compact code, it can create web-based information systems efficiently, making it perfect for web framework development. Moreover, there are many popular frameworks available like Django, Flask and Bottle to make web framework development work easier.



Learning Outcomes

1. Master Python language fundamentals
2. Learn about popular web application servers
3. Learn about the various applications of web frameworks
4. Develop the Django web framework with Python
5. Understand the development workflow of web application framework development with Django, Flask
6. Master the tools for developing back-end web applications


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