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Python Django REST framework

Python Django REST framework

Django is a Python Web Framework that is used for web development. The Django framework uses a set of design principles that delivers one of the most productive web development processes compared to many other web frameworks. Django is a Full-stack Web Framework which can be used to build both frontend and backend web applications, or you can just build your backend REST API using the Django REST Framework.

A RESTful API acts as a translator between two machines communicating over a web service. And the Django REST framework is a powerful and flexible toolkit for building Web APIs which support authentication policies including packages for OAuth1a and OAuth2, and serialization for both ORM (Object-relational Mappers) and non-ORM data sources.



Learning Outcomes

1. Learn the installation of Django and the configuration of the production environment
2. Understand the concept of RESTful API and how to build it
3. Understand basic Python and Django syntax and the file structure of the framework
4. Integrate the Django REST Framework with frontend frameworks
5. Build your own web application with Python Django REST framework


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