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Office Tools

Office Tools

Office tools are commonly used in school life and the workplace. Proficiency with the office suite is undoubtedly an essential quality for students. Through this course, students will enhance their information processing capabilities through advanced applications of office tools. After this course, students will be equipped with improved skills in word processing, presentation, and data analysis.



Learning Outcomes

- Compose with Ease: Deep-dive into Writer Documents
- Express with Style: Dissecting Impress Presentations
- Compute with Efficiency: Expertly navigate Calc Spreadsheets
- Store with Structure: Efficiently tackle Base Databases


our proprietary cloud-based learning platform. It is designed to work seamlessly with free creative and development tools in providing support for DECT education.


Provide DECT Professional TTT Training and Support for Teachers


Krystal’s Student Empowerment Programme (SEP) provides students the knowledge, skills and tools necessary to survive in the global digital economy, preparing them for excellence in their future careers.


Krystal OTP includes all the office tools needed to keep daily office tasks running efficiently and economically.


is a comprehensive program designed to equip individuals and citizens with essential digital competencies and soft skills to thrive in the digital economy.

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