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MicroMaster In UX/UI Designer (Penpot) Certificate Course

MicroMaster In UX/UI Designer (Penpot) Certificate Course

Students will learn UI/UX design using the open source software Penpot, understand the difference between UX (User Experience) and UI (User Interface), learn their applications in mobile device, website and game design, understand how to layout the entire interface according to user habits, and at the same time enhance the overall aesthetics of the interface and maintain the aesthetic balance of each part.

The course will first guide students to familiarize themselves with common software interfaces, learn the basics of UI/UX such as typography, color, font, and font size, and then teach them to analyze and integrate relevant data through user surveys to form feasible design solutions, and ultimately plan and produce human-centered user interfaces for websites and mobile applications. As a powerful cross-domain development platform, Penpot can fully meet this series of teaching needs.

By explaining the concepts and leading students through the UI/UX design process, the instructor will enable students to acquire knowledge through a combination of theory and practice. Each production case in the course is accompanied by an assignment for students to complete on their own so that the instructor can assess their knowledge at the end of the class. Upon completion of the course, each student/group should be able to design a new user interface for an existing website/app.



Learning Outcomes

1. Learn to use the software, Penpot
2. Learn the basics of UI/UX (user interface and user experience design)
3. Learn to design mobile applications, websites and game interfaces
4. Learn to use Penpot to complete UI/UX projects and create an interactive and aesthetic portfolio
5. Improve design thinking and lay the foundation for further study in related fields


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