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Global Citizenship and Responsibilities

Global Citizenship and Responsibilities

Global digital citizenship describes how a person should behave in the digitalized world. Students must comprehend how technologies of the digital economy will impact their role in society. By the end of this module, students will understand the technological methods employed by organizations. Students will also consider issues surrounding accessibility and inclusivity, platforms that foster collaboration, and the responsibilities required of them in a globalized world.



Learning Outcomes

- 24/7/365?: Global digital citizenship begins with an understanding of how the world works; students will explore the modern world of work by looking into a workday in the quantitative trading sector; students will outline key methods in collaboration and automation in contrast with traditional working practices
- The 4As: Students will discuss whether digital economy technologies enable access, availability, affordability, and acceptability of economic activities across the world; students will also identify tools that would improve the 4As and consider whether these tools are applicable during the COVID-19 epidemic
- Digital Prisoners’ Dilemma: Through a Game Theory role play, students will understand the importance of adhering to ethical and responsible use of technology, and understand that responsible behaviors can exhibit on physical, digital, altruistic, and environmental levels


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