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Full-stack Web Development

Full-stack Web Development

This course will focus on knowledge related to full-stack web development. Students enrolled in this course will learn the basics of HTML, the application of CSS, website creation and development, React.js, Python and Django, and other topics.

The course will introduce students to scenarios and specific uses of HTML, CSS, and other tools. In addition, while mastering the technical and workflow tools, students will also learn about the specific responsibilities of a full-stack web developer on a project during the course.

By the end of this course, students will be able to create their own portfolio and be competent to work in full-stack web development and other IT industry-related careers.



Learning Outcomes

1. Master the basics of HTML
2. Master the basics of CSS, including how to use it to complete responsive web design, how to arrange content on the site, etc.
3. Master the methods of using blenders, selectors, Sass functions, Bootstrap, and JavaScript syntax in web development
4. Master the basics of React.js
5. Master how to use Python extension libraries, such as Numpy and Pandas, for data visualization and analysis of amplification
6. Mastering how to use Django to build web applications and front-end and back-end methods


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