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Entrepreneurship in the Digital Economy

Entrepreneurship in the Digital Economy

Technologies in the digital economy transform how new business ventures are created and operated. Students will first be introduced to archetypical frameworks of entrepreneurship to generate business ideas. By the end of this course, students will be able to integrate digital inputs, outputs, and environments with traditional entrepreneurial frameworks. Students will leave the course with an original business idea for the digital economy. 



Learning Outcomes

- A Rough Draft: using entrepreneurial frameworks on market entry analysis, hypothesis testing, business model, and IP protection, students will map out their unique business ideas
- Digitalize the Plan: Enrich the ideas by adding dimensions related to the digital economy – digital actors, activities, motivations, organizations
- Elevator Pitch: Students will present their digital entrepreneurship ideas in 60 seconds and be peer-reviewed
- Up or Out: Exploring the accelerated process of creative destruction in the digital economy and explaining the winner-takes-all phenomena in networked sectors


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