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DIY Music Box STEAM Workshop

DIY Music Box STEAM Workshop

Target Group: S.1-S.3

Class Size: Around 10-15 students
1.     Free open-source software Arduino is introduced, keeping up with current technological trend
2.     Students can acquire basic coding skills, which is crucial for their future, and develop logical thinking skills simultaneously
3.     Workshop focuses on hands-on project, creating a fun learning experience
4.     Students will receive a Krystal Institute recognized certificate, and bring home the product they made during the workshop

Activity 1: Hardware: Familiarize with the functions of each components (60 mins)
Activity 2: Coding with Arduino (90 mins)
Activity 3: Assemble: put together the components into a working machine (30 mins)



Learning Outcomes

Understanding programming languages is fundamental in enabling rising technology-users to excel in the digital economy. In this workshop, students to learn basic coding logic and knowledge through using Arduino, establishing a foundation for further studies in this area.


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