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Digitalizing Manufacturing Planning and Management

Digitalizing Manufacturing Planning and Management

Manufacturing is the making of goods intended for sale to customers upon completion. Many different raw materials may be involved in a production run to produce a number of sellable items. The manufacturing team would be tasked with managing raw-material stock levels, ordering from different suppliers, and planning different production runs to meet client demands.

Digitalizing the manufacturing process is hence important for business operations. Having a smooth and efficient manufacturing plan can lead to a reduction in wastage, more accurate calculations of cost, and increase efficiency of production runs--all of which lead to cost saving that directly impacts the bottom line of a business.



Learning Outcomes

1. Create different documents such as purchase orders and bill of materials
2. Learn to manage raw-material stock level and predict future production runs
3. Learn to plan different production runs
4. Comprehend the overview of the manufacturing process and apply cost-saving techniques
5. Create and manage shipment plans


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