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Digital Media Tools Development with Python

Digital Media Tools Development with Python

To let students develop digital media tools such as Blender, Inkscape, Gimp, Krita, etc. through the use of Python. The course will help students master the tools and help them enter the industry of digital media tools development or other IT related jobs.

The course provides students with the practical knowledge, cutting-edge techniques, and the open-source tools necessary for graphic tools development-related jobs, which can pave their way into the digital economy and IT industry, maintaining their employment competitiveness.

Nowadays, many graphic tools are either written in Python or use Python as an embedded scripting language. Python is used to develop and enhance graphic software because there are plenty of libraries and packages available in Python, which developers can freely use to create feature-rich graphic functions. These libraries support creating string operations, service tools, data points, user interfaces, and multi-protocol prototypes. In addition, the frequently used programming functions are already included in Python's libraries to help programmers produce more while writing less code with Python.

Digital Media Tools and Python
Python's greatest advantage lies in it being open source with a large, active community that keeps improving the language. Its usability and quality are guaranteed, and coupled with its wide accessibility, Python is a great choice for developing digital media tools, especially open source tools like Blender, at little to no cost.



Learning Outcomes

1. Develop the Django web framework with Python
2. Gain basic knowledge of Python scripts
3. Learn about Python scripts in digital media tools such as Blender
4. Learn to edit and debug Python scripts
5. Learn about common Python libraries
6. Learn to utilize libraries in writing Python scripts


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