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Degree in Creative Design and Digital Applications (3 years)

Degree in Creative Design and Digital Applications (3 years)

This 3-year programme is suitable for graduates of the Higher Diploma in Creative Design and Digital Applications (2 years) program, or for anyone interested in pursuing a career in the creative design industry.

In this programme, students are able to acquire a wide range of technical expertise and learn relevant professional knowledge and theories, examine different aspects of the subject and conceive feasible solutions to problems. Design projects are completed through the use of a variety of creative tools, communication and collaboration skills. Throughout the design process, students are expected to critically analyze and integrate their own ideas, apply advanced and specialized skills in a coherent manner, and incorporate creative techniques to accomplish integrated interdisciplinary learning.

In addition, students will be able to apply their knowledge and skills in a variety of work environments through internships.


Core Assessment

Each subject will have in-class assignments and at least two assignments to assess whether student work demonstrates an understanding of the skills, techniques and processes learned in class. In addition, students are required to apply the knowledge and skills they have learned to complete their final projects individually and in small groups. The assessment will include visual expression, technique and creative ability, creativity and imagination, and overall performance.

This 3-year program aims to provide students with opportunities to develop their knowledge, attitude and skills in producing creative media and appreciate the emergence of digital economy core technology. Besides, students are able to develop their personal design styles by explore different drawing and edition techniques, open-source software and tools.

Students will attend modules to improve their creative skills in digital graphic design. In particular, there will be a focus on effective visual communication through art, and on the exploration of suitable technical tools to accomplish design purposes. For the purpose of developing students' personal styles, lessons on design and culture will be given for students to explore and develop their talents.

GIMP, Inkscape, Penpot, Krita, Blender, web development tools

(Syllabus are as follow:
1. Creative Skills: Digital Graphic Design
2. Creative Workshop 1: Visual Communication and Drawing
3. Creative Workshop 2: Technical Exploration
4. Design, Culture, and Curiosity
5. UIUX Design and Digital Content Creation )



Learning Outcomes

1. Knowledgeable and skillful in producing creative media and appreciative of digital economy core technology
2. Explore different creative styles, techniques and tools, and develop your own personal style in the process
3. Learn different creative digital tools to handle different tasks
4. Be able to apply acquired knowledge and skills to creative work
5. Be eligible to apply for top-up degree programmes in computer science, information technology and related fields in a number of local and overseas institutions
6. Become a multi-faceted, lifelong learner


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