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Creating Interactive Metaverse Experiences

Creating Interactive Metaverse Experiences

This module aims to introduce students to the concepts and techniques of creating interactive experiences in the Metaverse. Going beyond the existing activities/games found in Metaverse environments (e.g. VRChat/Minecraft/The Sandbox), students will be taught to structure, create, and manage ideas for practical deployment in the Metaverse.

Keyword Syllabus
    1. Trends in Commercial Interactive Experience Design
    2. Evaluating Metaverse Platforms for Building Interactive Experiences
    3. Principles of Design Thinking for Experience Design
    4. Key Success Features of Profitable Metaverse Interactive Experiences
    5. Case Studies in Immersive Experience Design
    6. Regulatory Challenges in Metaverse Experience Design
    7. Creating Metaverse Experiences using Web-based Solutions
    8. Testing and Deploying Metaverse Experiences
    9. Capstone Project: Creating an Original Metaverse Experience



Learning Outcomes

1. Be able to explain the drivers of emerging trends in business applications of Metaverse experiences
2. Be able to explain the design principles for creating interactive and profitable Metaverse experiences
3. Be able to apply insights in interactive and profitable design in prototyping interactive Metaverse experiences
4. Be able to apply Metaverse tools to create experiences in immersive environments
5. Be able to evaluate the importance of regulations and rules in the creation of Metaverse activities


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