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Computer Hardware and Integrated Circuit Design

Computer Hardware and Integrated Circuit Design

The integrated circuit (IC) is the centerpiece of modern computing and has become the subject of international competition. This guided course teaches students how to build an 8-bit computer, utilizing the power of ICs. Parallel to the tasks, students are introduced to the physics of semiconductors and transistors. This course ends with a supply chain perspective of IC, allowing students to appreciate the geopolitics of technology.



Learning Outcomes

- Challenges in IC design: Introduction to how IC is developed and made
- Physics of IC: Explaining the physical mechanisms of semiconductors and transistors, and how these properties enable the function of IC
- 8-bit Computer: step-by-step, hands-on project to construct an 8-bit Computer, with side-by-side reference to modern CPUs
- Global IC: decipher the supply network of a typical IC and explain why IC has embodied international tension in recent years


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