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Blender Pre-Visualization Workshop

Blender Pre-Visualization Workshop

This course will teach students how to create pre-visualized animations in Blender.

Pre-visualization is the process of imagining and planning the final product. The pre-visualization team works with the director to build the scene according to their wishes, including proper camera placement, acting style, special effects, and other elements.

Students will learn how to plan visual effects and split-screen sequences for animation, how to read scripts and create visual sequences that are consistent in style through practice. They will also learn how to set up cameras and lighting in 3D scenes. Ultimately, they will be able to complete pre-visualized animation production independently based on their familiarity with the animation film production process.



Learning Outcomes

1. Master the method of doing previsualization
2. Master basic knowledge of animated film production, including how to read scripts and create coherent animation sequences
3. Master the method of efficient animation production


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