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DECT國際系列:定格動畫夏令營 (Ohpama)

 DECT國際系列:定格動畫夏令營 (Ohpama)

Course Features:
1. Courses do not use paid software, all software can be used on smartphones, and both online and offline courses can continue
2. The course teaches the basics of photography, 2D and 3D animation, laying a solid foundation for advanced digital courses
3. Project assessment, inspire creativity: upon completion of the course, students can have a personal digital media portfolio for further studies
4. Professional tutors to cultivate talents: Course tutors have received professional training and regularly communicate with top tool developers and educators

Open the door of Hollywood Hollywood creation
Stop hestitating, get in motion

Target age:
Students aged 8-13

A computer/smartphone capable of running Zoom, and another tablet or phone (Android, Apple) capable of running Stop Motion Studio
Learning topics:
Photography, 2D and 3D animation

The course content is as follows.
1. Storytelling
2. What is stop motion animation?
3. 2D hand-painted flipbook
4. Make cutout animation
5. 3D Modeling - Low Polygon Paper Models
6. 3D Character Design - Make 3D Paper Models
7. 3D Production - Make 3D Stop Motion Animation
The course will encourage students to practice creativity through project assessment. The project will be carried out in an individual form. In addition to the classroom assessment conducted by the instructor, the students' classmates will also provide assessments to promote communication among students.

Certification and accreditation
Students who meet the standards can be awarded Krystal Institute certificates (the certificates of this institute are based on the Singapore government’s standard / our institute has set industry standards for the Singapore government and used this as a comparison).

The DECT qualification framework provides opportunities for continuous learning: the graduation certificate of the course is recognized by Digital Spectrum Technology Co., Ltd. and its industry network, and graduates can obtain credit transfer advantages when they further study other DECT courses.



Learning Outcomes


our proprietary cloud-based learning platform. It is designed to work seamlessly with free creative and development tools in providing support for DECT education.


Provide DECT Professional TTT Training and Support for Teachers


Krystal’s Student Empowerment Programme (SEP) provides students the knowledge, skills and tools necessary to survive in the global digital economy, preparing them for excellence in their future careers.


Krystal OTP includes all the office tools needed to keep daily office tasks running efficiently and economically.


is a comprehensive program designed to equip individuals and citizens with essential digital competencies and soft skills to thrive in the digital economy.

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