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(I) Introduction to the Basic Theory and Process of Game Production

(I) Introduction to the Basic Theory and Process of Game Production

The knowledge taught in this module is mainly focused on the intellectual aspect of game software production. At the same time, the teacher will introduce the interface and basic operation of Godot, an open source game production engine, to lay the foundation for students to learn more about game production in the future.

As a free 2D/3D game production engine, Godot provides a complete set of common tools, which saves users the time of developing tools and allows them to focus on game production. Once a game is created, it can be exported to several platforms with a single click, including mainstream desktop (Linux, macOS, Windows), mobile (Android, iOS), and web (HTML5) platforms.



Learning Outcomes

1. Understand game types, production theory, and development process
2. Learn the Godot interface and basic operations
3. Understand scenes and nodes
4. Learn the Godot script (Native, C#, GDScript)
5. Learn Gdscript basics
6. Learn about player control
7. Understand rigid body, physics, collider basics


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