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(I) Getting Started with UX/UI Design and Penpot

(I) Getting Started with UX/UI Design and Penpot

This module will first introduce the basic concepts of UX/UI and the necessary elements of UX/UI design in detail with case studies. After that, the teacher will introduce the basic operation of Penpot, so that students can master this free UI/UX tool in a short time. Finally, the instructor will guide students to use different tools to complete simple graphic designs to further deepen their understanding of UI/UX related knowledge.

( 1. Basic concepts of UX/UI
2. UX/UI examples
3. Design elements necessary for UX and UI
4. Searching skills
5. Software operation skills
6. Basic aesthetic skills
7. Skills in creating prototypes for mobile apps, websites, mobile games, etc.
8. Skills in creating product components
9. Skills in creating a personal portfolio)



Learning Outcomes

1. Learn the concepts and differences between UX and UI
2. Understand the mental model and cognitive model (UX)
3. Learn design elements of UX and UI
4. Understand the outlook of the UX/UI design industry
5. Know about the UX/UI design performance of common mobile applications
6. Learn Penpot basics (interface functions, tool operations, layer applications, prototype connections, etc.)
7. Master UI/UX design with Penpot


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