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Spark AR Interactive Experience

Spark AR Interactive Experience

Spark AR Studio is an augmented reality platform for Mac and Windows that allows users to easily create AR effects for mobile cameras. It is like Photoshop or Sketch for AR.

In this course, students will learn the basic operations of Spark AR and how to create simple AR filters for publishing.

Students will also be taught how to create usable 3D assets in the open-source software Blender, after which the instructor will guide students in using these assets to practice the various interactive features of Spark AR.

(Lesson 1: Overview of Spark AR and 3D Asset production
• Basic 3D concept 
• Navigation control in blender
• Basic modeling and editing in polygon tool part 1 

Lesson 2: Blender 3D Asset creation
• Basic modeling and editing in polygon tool part 2
• Shading and material 
• UV mapping 

Lesson: 3 Spark AR Tracker to create contents
• Layout, movement and control
• Project control 
• 4 types of tracker part 1 ( face, hand )
• Using Face tracker 
• Adding materials 

Lesson 4: Spark AR Adding interaction (I)
• 4 types of tracker part 2 ( plane, target )
• Adding and editing Particle system
• Adding patch editor for animation 
• Adding TEXT

Lesson 5: Spark AR Adding Interaction (II) and publication 
• Adding interaction with 3D object
• Frame animation 
• Publication to Facebook and IG) 



Learning Outcomes

1. Understand what Spark AR is
2. Understand the basic and advanced operations in Spark AR
3. Be able to utilize Spark AR to create 3D assets


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