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MSc in Advanced Game Programming

MSc in Advanced Game Programming

Within the MSc in Media Technology, the main focus of this course is on teaching the production of realistic game environments, aiming to develop high-quality game programming talents.

Students will learn different game programming techniques and deployment strategies (including console game platforms Xbox, PlayStation, Switch; online gaming platforms like Steam, WebGL, as well as online MMORPG games; mobile platforms such as iOS and Android) and try to program games using various engines, kits, and CG models during the course.

At the same time, students will work closely with technical artists and other CG producers to gain a better understanding of the game production process. Ultimately, students will apply what they have learned to actual game development.

What does game development entail?
The game development process involves many steps and aspects. Students will be given all-rounded training on game development with a major focus on programming. Apart from programming, students will learn to use modeling and art tools for the creation of game artwork and 3D assets. Game logic, 3D mathematics, computer graphics, scene management, game AI etc. are also crucial parts to game development that students will practice on.



Learning Outcomes

1. Understand major CG production tools such as Blender
2. Master basic knowledge of mathematics, physical properties, artificial intelligence, graphics systems, interactive controllers, sound, scripting systems, networking and multiplayer games
3. Master multiple scripting languages, such as Python, C++, Direct X, etc.
4. Understand various game engine scripting languages such as C# (for Unity), GdScript (for Godot), Blueprint (for Unreal)
5. Master 3D game programming, basic mathematics such as Vector, Matrix, Direct3D rendering fundamentals, Direct3D painting, color, lighting, Stenciling masks, Direct 3D libraries, terrain rendering, particle systems, advanced mapping, window programming, etc.
6. Be familiar with different hardware architectures (e.g. Xbox, PlayStation, Switch), and various PC graphics systems (e.g. Steam, WebGL)
7. Master various game engines, familiar with CG graphics production process


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