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Metaverse 3D UX/UI Design

Metaverse 3D UX/UI Design

This module aims to introduce students to the basic concepts and latest applications of 3D UI/UX design for the Metaverse environments. Students will apply Augmented Reality (AR)/Virtual Reality (VR) design concepts and principles of psychology to construct Metaverse marketplace and shop prototypes using Blender.

Keyword Syllabus
    1. Trends and Relevant Technologies for Human-Machine Interaction
    2. Differentiating Virtual, Augmented, Mixed Reality and Beyond
    3. Principles of Effective UI Design
    4. UI Implications for Metaverse Hardware Solutions
    5. Psychological Principles for Delightful User Experiences
    6. Case Studies for Successful UX/UI Design
    7. Utilizing Blender for 3D UX/UI Prototyping
    8. Designing Accessories for 3D UX/UI Prototypes
    9. Capstone Project: Original Metaverse Commerce Experience Prototype



Learning Outcomes

1. Be able to explain the trend drivers in the technologies underlying Metaverse immersive experiences
2. Be able to explain techniques in designing user interfaces (UI) and user experiences (UX)
3. Be able to apply UI concepts in designing immersive experiences in the Metaverse
4. Be able to apply UX frameworks in designing user-friendly Metaverse solutions
5. Be able to utilize UI/UX tools and techniques to prototype Metaverse-compatible shops and marketplaces


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