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Junior Python Data Analyst

Junior Python Data Analyst

This "Certificate in Junior Python Data Analyst" course aims to accelerate the training of local IT professionals and enhance their knowledge and skills in various industries of the digital economy.

Data is the core asset of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and related technologies are the key drivers of social development. Data analysis is crucial to any digital industry, and the four major industries in Hong Kong - finance, tourism, trade and logistics, and professional services - are particularly in need of sophisticated and advanced data management and analysis systems to enter a new chapter of industry development.

This course is designed to meet the fast-paced development and needs of the digital economy, to facilitate human resource development in the industry, to contribute to the competitiveness of Hong Kong and the Greater Bay Area in IT, and to provide employment opportunities and skills for the non-working population in Hong Kong.

The Power of Data
Big data is the core of the new digital economy trend. If companies can utilize and exploit the potential of big data, they can identify new market opportunities, better meet customer needs, and more accurately predict future trends. Industries that expect to grow in the digital economy and Internet economy need talents who can effectively collect, analyze, and understand data.



Learning Outcomes

1. Be familiar with software development fundamentals
2. Be familiar with the tools and workflows required for Python software development
3. Be familiar with basic statistical principles as they apply to data analysis and visualization
4. Be familiar with Python data analysis techniques such as Pandas, Numpy, and other packages
5. Become familiar with advanced Python data analysis techniques such as Matplotlib, Seaborn, Plotly, and other suites
6. Design and create data analysis and visualization solutions using open source tools


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