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Creating an Isometric 3D Room with Blender 3.0

Creating an Isometric 3D Room with Blender 3.0

The module is designed for students to create interesting 3D models using Blender. Students will learn the basic operations, shortcuts and interface settings in Blender in order to create different 3d models and build their isometric rooms.

Course Objectives
• Teach students basic Blender 3.0 functions, user interface, and shortcuts
• Learn the concepts and procedures for creating with 3D graphic tools
• Guide students to create an Isometric 3D Room in Blender 3.0

Course outline are listed below.

Lesson 1: Blender Basics
• Introduction to Blender 3.0
• Navigation and control in Blender 3.0
• Class Outcome: Door Modelling and Animation using Basic Geometric Shapes
• Class Outcome: Basic Room using Elementary Geometric Shapes

Lesson 2: 3D Modelling (I)
• Polygon Modelling Basics
• Class Outcome: Simple Cup, HiFi Set Modelling

Lesson 3: 3D Modelling (II)
• Intermediate Polygon Modelling
• Introduction to Sculpting
• Class Outcome: Demo Intermediate Isometric 3D Room, with Accessories and Items Modelling

Lesson 4: Shading and Texturing
• Intermediate Materials with Shader Nodes
• Intermediate Materials with UV Textures
• Intermediate Materials with Environment Shaders
• Class Outcome: Demo Intermediate Isometric 3D Room, with Realistic Materials for Accessories and Items

Lesson 5: FInal Project
• Types of Light Objects for Environment Illumination
• Operating Blender’s Native Rendering Engines (EEVEE and Cycles)
• Rendering Settings
•  Final Project



Learning Outcomes

• Create a personalized Isometric 3D Room image or simple walkthrough video for students' portfolios
• Operate basic functions in Blender 3.0 and be familiar with user interfaces and shortcut keys
• Suitable for beginners with no/minimal experience in 3D modeling and animation


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