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AI for Music Generation

AI for Music Generation

AI music generation is the process of generating music using artificial intelligence. By analyzing music data and patterns and using machine learning algorithms, different types of music can be generated, including pop, jazz, classical, and more. This course starts with an overview of music generation techniques and is centered around mastering different kinds of music generation techniques. Students will also be able to learn basic music theory such as music structure, genre, chords, melody, rhythm, and music format.

The course is suitable for beginners. By completing practical projects, students can better understand the principles and practical applications of AI music generation, and use AI to create different music compositions to improve the efficiency and creativity of music creation.



Learning Outcomes

1. Understand what AI automatic music generation is, and its principles and practical applications
2. Learn to use different software to achieve AI music generation through practical exercises
3. Learn how to evaluate the generated music to ensure that it meets the basic requirements of music creation


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