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Become a Material Master in Blender

How to create, use and handle all kind of textures and materials in Blender



Start date: TBC

Location: InnoCentre, 72 Tat Chee Avenue, InnoCentre, Kowloon Tong, Kowloon, Hong Kong

*A professional certificate* will be awarded by Krystal Institute upon completion of the course.

It will guide you from the beginning where you literally know nothing until you reach a level where people envy your knowledge about material. The course touches all aspects around Material and have tons of examples that you will be able to use in your daily work even after you have ended the course.

I will go through different techniques on how to apply material so you get a good grip on how to use UV, apply decals and so it's not "just" procedural even if you will get a lot of that as well.


What you will learn

  1. Understand the aspects of the Shader Editor when creating cycles nodes.

  2. Understand how to combine procedural texture with images and the difference between procedural and non procedural.

  3. Understand the fundamentals for complex materials like glass and volumetric.

  4. Understand how the UV can be useful in different types of tasks.

  5. Learn the vocabulary, so thing like caustics, reflection and refraction will be understandable.

  6. Understand how it is possible to control a materials appearance by using secondary objects like "empties".

  7. Understand how to use more than one material on an object or create random output.



  1. Need to have Blender on your machine and have a basic understanding of the tool.

Who this course is for:

  1. Blender users that wants to achieve top notch result when creating materials and texturing, using Cycles


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