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Using Maya for modeling, materials editing, and lighting (Part 2)

Using Maya for modeling, materials editing, and lighting (Part 2)

This course will teach students the methods and techniques of 3D modeling using Maya.

The instructor will first introduce students to the interface and basic functions of Maya, and then guide them step-by-step through the 3D modeling process. Then, students will learn how to further polish their models in Maya, including adding materials and setting up lighting.

Compared to the first part, this part will focus more on strengthening students' modeling knowledge and guiding them to complete 3D animation independently.

VTC Campus in Kwai Fong

Course Name 
Maya for modeling, materials editing, and lighting (Part 2)

Programme Highlight
·       Create a tailored animated video 
·       Suitable for beginners with no/minimal experience in 3D modeling and animation 
·       Veteran trainer with 20+ years’ experience in animation & visual effect production & education
Course Outline (8 hours)
1. Review Course Overview, Interface, and Workflow
2. Understanding of Polygonal Modeling
3. The Basics of Animation & Camera Movement
4. Digital Lighting & Rendering
5. Create Digital Surfacing & Texture Mapping
6. How to Build Animation Sequences)



Learning Outcomes

1. Basic concepts of animation and basic 3D animation techniques
2. Design basic 3D characters and build simple 3D animation sequences
3. Create simple personal animations


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