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LibreCAD Graphic Design & Product Design Beginner Course

LibreCAD Graphic Design & Product Design Beginner Course

Students will use the 2D CAD drawing software LibreCAD to study graphic design and product design, and to understand the methods of visual information communication.

LibreCAD is an open source alternative to the well-known professional 2D and 3D modeling and design software AutoCAD, which is easier to operate and has a customizable interface for beginners.

LibreCAD can complete high-quality 2D graphics drawing in DXF, JWW, DWG and other formats, and its powerful functions can better meet the complex needs of product design, interior design and other aspects. This course will start with an introduction to the interface functions of LibreCAD, gradually teach students how to use LibreCAD, and let them master relevant skills in practice. After the course, they can design logos, products, and draw interior design drawings.

Instructors will demonstrate a number of graphic or product design and production cases in the classroom, and answer students’ questions on the spot, creating a harmonious classroom atmosphere with close teacher-student interaction. Each production case involved in the course is equipped with exercises that students need to complete independently, so that the instructor can evaluate the students' mastery of knowledge after class.



Learning Outcomes

1. Learn to use LibreCAD to create basic CAD drawings
2. Grasp how to use tools in LibreCAD
3. Learn how to use LibreCAD and its functions
4. Learn how to design logos in LibreCAD
5. Learn how to design floor plans


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