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Game Design and Production

Game Design and Production

The rapid maturation of real-time game engines has made it possible for game developers to build realistic virtual worlds. The experience that students gain while developing with these engines has widespread applications beyond games, including interactive consumer experiences, architectural visualization, and scientific simulations. This course introduces the Godot engine to students, challenging them to design and build a game; there will be a focus on the production considerations that go into game design. Students will also reflect on the causes and consequences of the rise of the e-sports economy.



Learning Outcomes

- Start Your Adventure: Students learn the fundamental parts of video games, and the core qualities that make a successful game; students will understand the key personnel in a development team required to execute game designs
- Level after Level: Students design and build their own game through a guided workshop, using Godot and scripting in GDscript
- Work Hard, Play Hard: Discuss the rise of the e-sports industry; the technological and social trends that have furthered its development; the personal and social impacts that video games have on society


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