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FinTech (financial technology) is a living example of how technology transforms our daily lives and denotes any system that enables us to work with money in easier ways. The course opens with a discussion of the meaning of “money” and outlines the archetypes and principles of common Fintech. The course then delves deeper into the working principles of blockchain and cryptography – key enablers of cryptocurrency. Learners will leave the course understanding how most Fintech works and appreciating their regulatory challenges.



Learning Outcomes

- From Coins to Bitcoins: Economic history of money and payment; students are also asked to identify the goals of Fintech and use cases in personal and corporate finance
- Blockchain Game: A modified Monopoly game to explain the principles of blockchain and cryptography
- Policing Fintech: Class debate to discern attitudes towards payment systems, Fintech’s regulatory challenges, and differential adoption across the world


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