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Facility and Order Management

Facility and Order Management

Inventory is a major component of a business, as it is what helps a business make a profit. Good inventory management leads to increased efficiency, saving much unneeded costs which in turn leads to a more profitable business. Receiving orders, managing different orders, checking available stock - while these tasks are routine for sales personnel, they are incredibly time-consuming and complex. With the help of ERP software, these processes can be greatly simplified for the benefit of businesses.

Facility management on the other hand, is related to any physical infrastructure of a business, such as factories, warehouses, retail stores and office spaces. Regular maintenance of facilities and ensuring smooth operations is crucial for business productivity. Using ERP software, the condition of machinery can be conveniently monitored and productivity goals easily checked.

This course also ties in with the ‘Digitalizing Manufacturing Planning and Management' module.



Learning Outcomes

1. Understand concepts of inventory management
2. Understand concepts of facility management
3. Be able to accurately record the process of inventory flow in a business such as purchase orders, warehousing, logistics, sales order, stock-taking etc.
4. Learn to use ERP programs to monitor different facilities and identify their inefficiencies.


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