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Cybersecurity and Privacy

Cybersecurity and Privacy

In this course, students shall understand different forms of cyberattacks, then examine the techniques used by engineers to protect networked systems. Students will further their knowledge by exploring preventative organizational policy, network designs, and software. Finally, students will explore the concept of digital footprints and develop their own ideas about protecting their data.



Learning Outcomes

- Battle of the Binary: Distinguish cyberattacks and categorize cybersecurity mechanisms including firewalls, MAC address filtering, modular testing, and more
- Cybersecurity Card Game: Students will receive cards with different cyberattack and cybersecurity protocols; applying knowledge on cybersecurity, students need to devise strategies to win over opponents
- Data is the New Oil: Understand the indestructible nature of data, browse through privacy settings on own social media accounts to understand what digital dividends students are paying companies
- Developing Digital Immunity: Applying knowledge in cybersecurity and privacy, students will develop a set of enactable protection measures


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