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Business Intelligence and Enterprise Resource Planning

Business Intelligence and Enterprise Resource Planning

Students will be introduced to Krystal's open source business management systems and learn to master these tools to perform data analysis and business administration tasks that are crucial to enterprise management. After this course, students will be prepared for Business Intelligence (BI), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) jobs and other vocations related to the IT industry.

The course provides students with the practical knowledge, cutting-edge techniques, and the open-source tools necessary for BI and ERP jobs, which can pave their way into the digital economy and IT industry, maintaining their employment competitiveness.

The Importance of Business Management Systems
In the post-COVID era, the importance of digital transformation has increased significantly. However, while most companies recognize digital technology as a business development trend, they are concerned that they do not have sufficient understanding of the technology they need to apply, or do not have sufficient capacity and resources to undertake digital transformation. As such, there is a great demand for business intelligence and enterprise resource planning skills to help companies better understand, plan and utilize their resources to complete their digital transformation.



Learning Outcomes

1. Be familiar with the use of Krystal's business management systems, the related operation interface, and installation methods
2. Be familiar with the basic software development process
3. To understand the importance of ERP for business administration
4. Use the Krystal Enterprise Resource Planning Platform as the basis for developing enterprise resource planning tools for accounting, human resources, marketing and other corporate departments
5. To understand the importance of business intelligence for business operations and corporate strategies
6. Use the Krystal Business Intelligence platform as the basis for developing real-time reporting tools for enterprises
7. Design and develop business intelligence dashboards using data generated by the ERP platform


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