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Blockchain Business and Metaverse Applications

Blockchain Business and Metaverse Applications

This module aims to introduce students to the basic concepts and latest applications of digital currencies in the Metaverse. Students will be taught how digital currencies are created, blockchain’s applications in digital currency, and how digital currencies impact the existing business environment via Metaverse applications.

Keyword Syllabus
    1. Fundamental Concepts in Blockchain Technology
    2. Trends in Blockchain and Development and Applications
    3. Use Cases of Blockchain in the Metaverse
    4. Designing Successful Decentralized Applications
    5. Evaluating Blockchain Protocols
    6. Decentralized Application Deployment Strategies 
    7. Operational Challenges of Integrating Blockchain in Businesses
    8. Security Challenges of Integrating Blockchain in Businesses
    9. Impacts of Blockchain on Global Business



Learning Outcomes

1. Be able to explain core concepts in the operation and design of blockchain technologies
2. Be able to explain the drivers of emerging trends in business applications of blockchain technologies
3. Be able to apply understanding of blockchain design principles in analyzing existing blockchain projects
4. Be able to evaluate the success of existing blockchain projects along economic and social dimensions
5. Be able to evaluate the impacts of blockchain technologies on the global businesses environment


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